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Be not misunderstood to be the skill of rubbish
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[net of Chinese network sale] fly all over the sky in current rubbish mail, group the times of the effect worse and worse of hair, a company confronts many potential client and existing client, how avoid and reduce the negative effect of the cost that rubbish mail brings to the enterprise and figure, dig the sale latent capacity of email, improve the sale result of email?
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We will share domestic and international newest method, flow and experience with everybody in this lecture, basically include:

One, increase mailing group the effect of hair

Mail group the advantages and disadvantages of hair and problem

The arrival that increases mailing is led and feedback is led

Permit form email

2, use email sale to reach trade

The comparison of communication channel (the client visits, phone, mail, website, short message) :

Cost, effect and applicable

The client communicates optimize combination

Straight answer the flow of sale

3, the management of mailing list

The collection of mailing list, integrated, clear and analyse

With the union of CRM

4, the application of email sale:

Development client concerns

Market research

Mining sells an opportunity

Breed a client

Client follow-up

Increase the flow of the website

5, the plan of email sale activity, design and evaluate

6, how to choose email sale to serve business and software of electric mail sale

Compere: Xue Ying

Compere says: Each business is friendly everybody good afternoon, our direct seeding begins now, the direct seeding topic this afternoon is “ surmounts group of hair - - the festival arrived, the email to the client how sale? ”

Compere says: The honored guest that we go to please is Mr. Wang Mingtan, he is China interacts with straight answer sale grooms the first person, europe industrial and commercial management learns courtyard MBA in, shanghai hands in institute of Daantai government to hire instructor especially, interactive straight answer sale net is presiding and advisory,

Compere says: News of Xin Huaxin trade consults company adviser. Its are interactive sale grooms series includes integrated sale, network interactive sale, straight answer sale, database sale, CRM sale,

Compere says: Be opposite especially how integrated all sorts of numbers are interactive agency, be like email, website and mobile phone, mining of combinative client database sells relation of client of opportunity, development to have rich actual combat experience.

Compere says: Mr. Wang has served a client to include B2C and B2B, for example group of timber of day power bad news, EMERSON, abstruse beauty advertisement, galactic negotiable securities, , Great Master cup, TV of international of comment of haing Buddha commerce, An Yuepei example, within one's grasp shops etc.
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