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Medium and small businesses: A few quite original website popularizes a method
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Day news of 2007-07-22 of net of Chinese network sale:New year's day festival, believe to many friends got the greeting card that hair of relatives and friends comes to from QQ, MSN, E-mail, what circulate morer among them is a few pieces compare original picture, they need to input the name of the person that you consider to bless in the link only, next this character can appear in the picture, unidentified so the New Year gift that the person still can think this is you are made for them designedly probably, be touched so that be in a complete mess. You pass me, I pass him, have more than is needed how long, these pictures appear in each immediately big forum or in rich guest, make its transmit speed to be accelerated further. This is called in network sale virus type sale, its transmission rate is rapid, cover a range wide, it is one of the most efficient conduct propaganda way. Add observe before a few quite original publicizes means, here I sum up them, the hope can bring a few reference to everybody.

One, the virus type sale of the picture

If article begin place says, this is one kind quite original publicizes a method, believe very large flow can be brought to the website inside short time. It is the autograph picture that often can see in forum to the first impression of this kind of picture: Character of a small cartoon is citing a sign, there is your IP address above, operating system and browser name. This content that shows partly can change namely. That moment feels very interesting only, also did not think of to still can make other use. See later circulate on the net very wide New Year gold, the name of the person that should send you is written down can show the gold in the picture to go up, still thinking is ace PS, ability disclosure needs to input a character only later can. Still having is the scroll on iron tower of moxa humble Er, it is this kind. Carry what use at most in this kind of method incidentally, to upload a picture to hit LOGO. A few websites that use these methods the earliest were obtained from which click in great quantities. Some websites I know from inside these pictures namely, for instance HAHA168, PCPOP. But a lot of forum and website are using this method now, action is done not have it seems that so apparent. Conveniently is carried.

2, forum promotion

The forum promotion that says here is not many a in forum edition sticks advertisement absolutely, also not be the website the address is added in autograph to brush screen wildly next, expend energy already in that way and the effect also not likely is good, forum administrator should nod a mouse a few times to be able to delete your card entirely only, seal your ID incidentally, and the influence that brings in that way is abominable, like be just like hair rubbish mail disgust. Have shift that sees website of a promotion in some forum brillant much. That is one offers the small website of obtain employment of to apply for a job and study data, their propagandist personnel links all sorts of article make it on the website the form, classify put away, stick on each forum, can bring to the person of certain need already so convenient, at the same time won't because too straight white advertisement and be stuck by cutout, propagandist effect is close friends more undoubtedly. The edition with the corresponding forum that if stick these data,accords with oneself fixed position quite piece, will surely change surely.
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