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Why does network sale get industry attention fully
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Day news of 2007-07-22 of net of Chinese network sale:The development schedule of Internet is the schedule that network sale develops, from network sale this concept appears to now, although walk along the time that spend not to grow, but it is thorough however popular feeling, especially to those small and medium sized business, no matter be to publicize oneself to still seek commercial opportunity, network sale result cannot do not have.

Network sale is to show have the aid of finishs a series of sale link at internet, obtain the process of sale target. As a kind of new media, the network has man-to-man interactive character, this is the breakthrough that media faces pair of traditions to stand numerous feature in great quantities, reduced trade cost, managing social natural resources. Specific to sale mechanism, network technology overcame a horizontal stroke obstacle of the time between generator and consumer, space, changed all sorts of intermediate link between consist in both and channel infirmly.

Center of information of Chinese internet network (CNNIC) release in Beijing " statistic of state of affairs of development of internet network of the 15th China reports " . The report shows, up to by December 2004, a total of outback online user 94 million. So its bag capacity is extremely big, mixed to the rise of Neozoic 2004 writer 2003 of network singer have his moment quickly, proved the power of the network. And our country since Beijing limited company of 3721 science and technology sells the Chinese network that gave to collect fees the first times real name in the christmas 2000 -- Chinese mould net, began Chinese Internet from now on history the Chinese network times that go up.

To large and well-known company, advertisement support can make up for the inadequacy on network sale -- the website address that when because consumer is compared,entering conduct propaganda easily directly, leaves. And place of medium and small businesses does not have these. But the network is solid renown sale compared with other sale way, for instance the form such as advertisement, column, the target arrives directly at a gender very tall, him input in wanting to searching column only wants the product information that seek, can find out much information. That is to say the product information of the enterprise can appear directly before the client.

Market of sale of network of at present country still is in primary level, when the user is selecting a product or serving still relatively passive, service of sale of network of domestic great majority if 3721, the sina strategy that all adopted agential channel sale accordingly, for instance 3721 if Beijing flower believes limited company of science and technology,such enrollment was built in the whole nation center, what can offer network sale professionally to the client so is relevant seek advice, provide the service of special specific aim for the client better, ensure the client's rights and interests.
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