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Medium and small businesses: Flicker, the life root of network sale
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Day news of 2007-07-22 of net of Chinese network sale:A few when discovered me inadvertently recently texts about network sale appear in foreign Chinese forum, feel very terrified, of doodle of temporarily be seized by a whim make, also be regarded as model essay is reprinted, solid it is ashamed to treat a customer to everybody, also prove from another angle nevertheless, everybody still has very tall hope to network sale skill. Send again especially today stick, watch in order to comfort stop.

Network sale is the complement of groovy sale channel, also be brand-new sale form show, the advantage with network the biggest sale is cost low, rate is rapid, transmission is wide, benefit is apparent. And be opposite practitioner demand is low, suit masses sale very much, be based on so much advantage just about, the like a raging fire that network sale just is flattered, this is good appearance, be worth to encourage and try.

Network sale skill is very much, a lot of people are Baconian the experience that gives all sorts of differring, also somebody is dogmatic of type listed many places that should notice, oneself also very approve of, but I am told only today a bit, that is flicker strategy.

Mention flicker, everybody may think of Zhao Dashu sell abduct, probably more and common Chinese is the implication that understood flicker truly because of ability selling abduct, flicker is told generally, it is a term that contains derogatory sense, should nevertheless we come from another angle today why is illuminate flicker? How flicker? Likely of course and overall view still extreme, but I think extreme the value that also still it exists. Here we do not discuss by the product of flicker or service, talk about the skill of sale only from the angle of flicker.

1, what is flicker?

My individual thinks all sorts of takes to achieve the goal that causes people attention steps call flicker. Flicker not simply only limit is on utterance, behavior, sound, other agency can become the carrier of flicker, by flicker content itself does not have flicker function, however the agency of flicker let flicker become a fact. So everybody should fluctuate in the vehicle that can produce flicker function more kongfu.

2, how flicker?

Should use flicker vehicle, let flicker agency make flicker becomes a possibility, specific go up to network sale, no more than is in namely character, sound, make an issue of of the firm on image, the flicker medium that invites oneself can show itself, these 3 element are the cornerstone of flicker, can undertake at the same time, can undertake in coordination, can become independent to be used apart. Anyhow should be accomplished 1, cause people attention, 2, fascinating, 3, package of seasonable shake out (by the main body of flicker) , 4, capture by flicker person psychology, 5, seasonable evacuate package, 6, keep suspense (for the next time flicker prepares)

3, when should flicker notice?
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