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The sale of type of path – virus that 0 cost network popularizes
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Day news of 2007-07-22 of net of Chinese network sale:

Basic idea

We know the transmission way of virus, every person that affect, can become new transmission source, thereby with individual between diffuse the social influence that transmission forms dreariness. The concept of virus type sale, those who take is a kind of such feature, every sale target, itself becomes new sale sponsor, deliver the new target of sale process. I believe somebody can have been blurted out, is this passed namely sell?

Indeed, send the case of a kind of example that selling is virus type sale, but not be only applied case.

The purpose of sale, besides achieving a sale, of the brand deliver, of market information delivering also is very important, in addition, to Internet, of discharge deliver and expand, also can be being regarded is action of a kind of sale.

Mention here so, it is a kind of branch of virus type sale, how to pass the train of thought of virus type sale and understanding, realize the discharge dilate on the network, deliver with the brand.

Crucial point - the driving force that delivers effectively

We know, the most successful brand, it is a line no matter go up or below the line, rely on public praise to deliver, public praise is delivered, itself accords with the feature of virus type sale, every get numerous end, also be the sponsor of promotion at the same time, realize effective brand to diffuse thereby.

General understanding is, good product and service, can bring good public praise, this view itself does not have big question, but what must know is, this is requirement only, connecting requirement even is not completely, not be sufficient condition more, those who change character, an user enjoyed good product and service, may not can have fun at on behalf of him go delivering this brand. Say a bit more clearly, the user often needs what ability of some kind of driving force undertakes this kind of public praise actively to deliver, even, sometimes the action of driving force still has mix at good product very the function that serves itself, pass for instance selling is such model.

So, in blame conduct sold pattern in, below the premise that is not interest drive, why the user should do such delivering? Where is driving force? Below, will explain with actual setting.

Typical setting & uses case

1.Some more abominable, the blessing of typical con sex and curse, commonner is certain QQ message " ... . , pass this information to 20 people, how can you are like why, otherwise, how can be like why " . Ask an attention, the carrier here is communication tool, include QQ, MSN, and mail of a few rubbish.

2.Touch model, can let a person produce resonance and be willing to be delivered for it, fight day of autograph to collect for instance, for instance Caoz is in the autograph on Msn " support Www.1kg.cn please " , caoz and this station concerned to be done not have, after the Msn that just saw others signs, went looking on, discover this commonweal organization is very significant, revised oneself Msn autograph all the same then, freewill also became the one link in delivering.
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