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The distinctive function of network database sale
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Day news of 2007-07-22 of net of Chinese network sale:Alleged database sale, in using process of battalion of already of look forward to namely, collect, all sorts of management client data, formulate sale regards as politic basis after be being arranged via the analysis, serve as the important step that maintains existing client natural resources. From theoretic say, database sale is not the peculiar method in network sale, in traditional sale, if mail sale of advertisement, phone to wait continuously, database sale also is a kind of commonly used method, nevertheless, in network sale, database sale is having more distinct advantage, make one of main strategy of network sale consequently.

The main effect of database sale

Database sale behaves in the main effect in company sale strategy in following respect:

(1) the need that understands a constituency adequately.

(2) provide better service for the client. The data in client database is personalized sale and the main base that customer concern runs.

(3) undertake assessment to the client's value. Be worth client and average customer through divisional high price, adopt corresponding sale strategy to of all kinds client.

(4) the value that knows a customer. Use the data of the database, can calculate the value of client lifecycle, and the client's value is periodic.

(5) behavior of analytic customer demand. According to the client's history the data can forecast demand trend not only, return the change that can evaluate demand inclination.

(6) market research and forecast. The database provided rich data for market research, the data according to the client can analyse potential target market.

The distinct effect of network database sale

Traditional database sale photograph is compared, main show is in the unique value of network database sale 3 respects: Newer, client joins trends actively, improve client relation.

(1) trends is updated

In traditional database sale, no matter be to get new client material, still dog to need longer time to what the client reacts, and feedback is led normally inferior, the feedback information that gathers still needs trival type artificially, the newer efficiency of the database is very consequently low, newer cycle is longer, also caused at the same time expire, proportion of invalid data logging is higher, the database safeguards cost to also answer quite accordingly. Network database sale has data bulk big, revise easily, can realize dynamic data to update, facilitate safeguard remotely wait for a variety of advantages, the ego that still can realize client data is newer. The dynamic newer function of network database not only managing many time and capital, realized sale fixed position accurately at the same time, conduce to improvement thereby sale effect.

(2) the client is joined actively

The database that relies on existing client data only is insufficient, besides safeguard to having a data to be updated ceaselessly besides, still need to dig the data of potential customer ceaselessly, this job also is the serious content of database sale strategy. Below the circumstance that does not have Internet of have the aid of, it is difficult that the information that seeks potential customer is compared commonly, want to spend very big cost, use sale having reward to be used freely perhaps for instance wait for an opportunity to ask the client fills in some kind of form that contains useful information, need to throw a large number of capital and manpower not only, and the restriction that accepts geographical district again, enclothed range is very narrow.
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