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How to draft a network correctly to spread investment?
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Day news of 2007-07-22 of net of Chinese network sale:The method that should dig potential client is very much, but also be the place with most trap however, what Alibaba, what enterprise yellow page, what upgrade store, interest net is waited a moment, we receive those who enquire whether these websites are worth to throw to seek advice all the time, the problem inside this should study is a very difficult task really, because the management state of these companies changes ceaselessly, the change with constant also effect.

You are already devoted perhaps too much was here, but gotten result often because of cannot be evaluated and relapse instead answer, normally circumstance: See adversary was published here, also want to publish. Everybody can gather together.

The online habit that studies potential client is an absorbing thing, I cite a case, we once had a client to hope to do English to groom the Google rank of the respect, we help after they accomplish before 3 of Google, they just discover, the person that grooms with Google search English so far under the person that uses sina and Sohu, the reason can be thought out of course, can understand Google, and use the person of Google, had not needed English to groom likely, what because of us nevertheless this client needs is comprehensive ground occupational all network resource, accordingly, long-term for, no matter how, before all places want a rank to lean, build oneself brand image.

Still have a case, coke Cola joined the contest price rank of Baidu, although time is not long, but also can see, everybody searchs the effort of potential client to ever never had abandoned.

Want to potential client exists only, with respect to somebody the purpose makes ad, but are all places worth to do? We have some of client once one ancient head should be in website of so called business affairs (because involve family deal, point out which company we are bad) advertise, but after the investment that discovers tens of thousands of fund later goes in, resembling is to hit water to float, very regretful.

The online habit of potential client is worth to throw research for a long time very much, and the visit that obtains all people impossibly is a fact, normally for, want to be able to accomplish the of 80% amount that acquires these people to be extraordinary success only.

We cite a case casually, a search that studies potential client is used to even if deserve devoted job very much, at present Baidu and Google provide similar service, very need is continuous 9 months beautiful manpower throws research, just can know how catch the demand on all nets entirely next.

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