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Medium and small businesses: The funny part of network sale
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Day news of 2007-07-22 of net of Chinese network sale:Serving as the Internet of the 4th media to be taken seriously by more and more proprietor of an enterprises is an undeniable fact, the author also is observing condition of relevant intranet wind sale all the time, discover a few mistakes and error. The enterprise is like when making network sale can try to notice, should OK get better result.

   Network advertising existing state of affairs

Network advertising is arisen have two main reasons. One is to suffer numerous increase gradually, the Chinese netizen of the near future surpasses all 80 million pairs of industries is very big stimulation, the advertisement of website of a few family statuses of domestic sells at the summit of one's power.

2 it is the character of network advertising multimedia, limitation that does not have time zone, OK the advantage that implementation interacts immediately, it can overcome the weakness of newspaper, magazine, TV, broadcast, outdoors media well. Traditional advertisement has strict restriction in space, length, time; And content gets strict examine and verify is mixed limitation; Cannot execute with the client interactive; Bad to make the evaluation of advertisement effect.

Even so, we discover, internet advertisement has a case without the market of loot tradition media, the advertisement sale of very much traditional TV, newspaper, magazine, broadcast, outdoors media grows impetus not at all inferior grow at Internet advertising. Traditional after all media is in covering the rate, dominant position that reachs side of rate of rate, authority, attention still is very outstanding.

The author covered company of ad of a few networks, their pained all the time problem is, network advertisement takes a proprietor of an enterprise the proportion that total advertisement throws is too small still, probably with respect to 3 % ~ 5 % . Traditional advertisement media is had with the company ad investment of 95 % above lead be far ahead. Actually comprehensive advertisement suffers for many number contrast, the netizen of 80 million and the photograph of Chinese mouth amount of 1.4 billion are compared still is some less!

   Network advertisement is isolated use

Below above state, proprietor of an enterprise and ad firm people in a mistake that runs network advertising time to often make it is isolated use network advertisement.

The network advertisement of product of the consumable that we see, car, cosmetic, communication is done very beautifully, they appear in Internet with the form of alone page or Minisite, advertisement advocate or ad firm is placed these network ad to be in certain door website, ad firm website or him proprietor of an enterprise in the website. Consumer people want those who see these advertisement, product to define the link that can go up through Internet only just can see fragrant look, in addition, very rare and other way can invite customer conveniently " is direct " finds them.
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