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The network sale rule of rich guest
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Day news of 2007-07-22 of net of Chinese network sale:BLOG perhaps cannot reach the level of Supermarket forever, avoid to be immersed in much and miscellaneous awkwardness accordingly fitly however, however right now again a problem appears -- how sale? Does BLOG need sale? A lot of people are right this sniff! Someone says BLOG is the thing of a Brain Dump originally, someone says to be indifferent to have a person to look, amuse oneself stopped -- this just oversight the tendency that BLOG develops, BLOG information combine of future rejects the news source of any underground, because have a standardization,handle an issue.

So how Where is sale? Come round to look with respect to eye, summary is as follows:

1. The form has been jumped over simplier, it is easier to use better (the user absorbs news rate to be able to accelerate: )

2. The key is put on content, content is more professional more welcome; The news that has deepness and range is absolutely good east;

3. After fixed position establish, first wide hind undertake content dilate greatly;

4. Rely on traditional media, dig reliable information source; Spread out the alternant connection of same theme BLOG, update in time;

5. Offer free download / specializationed use information;

6. Place heavyweight battle array; Make a topic timelily at the same time, respond to quickly to trend trend;

7. The technology is shared, the thought is shared;

8. Hold to a principle, maintain individual character style;

9. Keep relatively banner, do not go after to the queen's taste;

10. Storytelling of make free with / the skill of the story, create interactive communication opportunity;

11. From BLOG participator each person goes up personally seek source information / cooperative chance;

12. Have the aid of has the BLOG of fame relatively, commutative link; Oneself also one pace is forefathers other link, in order to show friendly.

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