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Boss: Have the Internet base of network sale
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Day news of 2007-07-22 of net of Chinese network sale:

(one) the use of Internet

1. Internet brief introduction

Internet traceable United States, american department of defense aided financially his 1969 4 universities mix the coast on the west institute, through simple communication cable will advocate computer connection rises, realize what mutual news report says to be ARPANET, it is at the beginning of 90 time, american department of defense commercializes his, establish one international to standardize administrative committee to responsible metric system is decided and be carried out, be in subsequently a few years short inside, the internet network develops a whole world by the United States more than 100 countries and area.

2. Internet address and domain name

Each computer on Internet has an only IP address, it is by 4 by " · " apart digital place composition, like Had IP address, the random on Internet can have online communication between two computers. No matter when you enter Internet, you always can have your IP address, this address can be changeless, likely also different when you login every time.

The Internet of every user (E-mail) address by below 3 parts composition: ⑴ user name. ⑵ " At " accord with, namely " @ " . ⑶ domain name. This domain name points out what go up to Internet to the user is to pass which computer to join.

Because IP address is of the number, special remember hard, then Internet invented a domain name again, have IP address symbolism facilitates memory and use. The domain name is one kind uses the system that distinguishs each other between implementation computer. When the domain name names, undertake by administrative levels, the administrative levels after the name leans more is higher, when naming, be from advanced arrive elementary undertake by administrative levels accredit. V/arc a person's status of top class region is two kinds big, one kind is international current domain name, another kind is national district domain name. The top class domain name with current international is in charge of managing by the United States, the abbreviate that this top layer comprises with 3 letters will demonstrate the kind of each orgnaization, be like:  

To go to the lavatory each national Internet are used, top class domain name provided domain name of district of a few states again, represent the country that its are in or district with two abecedarian abbreviate, be like:

(2) the application of Internet information field

1. Email (E-mail)

The thing that use E-mail can do, depend on greatly the capacity that uses E-mail software. A lot of E-mail programs were offerred " many receiver " and " copy to " function, the other of E-mail is common the function is " transmit " and " reply " , "Transmit " can allow the information transmit that you will receive conveniently very much to give other user; And " reply " allow you to need not be inputted the address goes and be arranged and send an information to be opposite as you the reply of received some information. Besides basic literal message, the E-mail of Internet also can deliver a picture, inspect wait for data file like editing and rearrangement, sound editing and rearrangement and program. Of these blame character information delivering is the form with accessory is put at the back of of literal information, receiver can turn accessory put for original file form.
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