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Medium and small businesses: What knowing is industry gain guest
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Day news of 2007-07-22 of net of Chinese network sale:Industry gain guest, english calls Corporate Blog, so analytic in Wikipeida: A Corporate Blog Is A Weblog Published And Used By The Organization To Reach The Organizational Goals. Although There Are Many Different Types Of Corporate Blogs, they Are Mostly Categorized As Either External Or Internal Corporate Blogs. The interpreter becomes Chinese: Industry gain guest is the rich objective that be opened to achieve stated goal by the organization and uses. Although have the industry gain settle or live in a strange place of different type, but main component is guest of outside company gain and guest of interior company gain. Still have the definition of guest of gain of a lot of pairs of industries, here is not listed one by one. This paragraph of character comes to the one book of The Corporate Blogging that Debbie Weil writes below, translate by Li Lu, very good analytic concept of industry gain guest.

Industry gain guest is a kind of method that uses rich guest to promote company goal. This one method has gotten be applyinged extensively over small-sized organization and individual, nowadays more and more get the favour of the enterprise. The communication channel that imagines you and shift of sale of electronic magazine, virus, client, and your news site, these are gone to one case by conformity, form to be used low cost, easily, the site that updates continuously. This is efficient industry gain guest.

The exterior rich guest of the enterprise can be searched by the anybody on Internet, and built-in gain guest can is opposite only company staff is open. More and more projects use built-in gain guest to assist management and information to share now. The constituent form that whether uses rich guest and company, dimensions has nothing to do: No matter gain still is not gain, fortune 500 still be medium and small businesses, have the kind of guest of gain of respective use industry.

Oh, about " rich guest " a compendious definition: Rich guest (Blog) , the abbreviate of Web Log, be " simple and easy publish " Web site. Rich guest is used informal, the color that spoken language changes will tell about " true " story, did not flatter in content, without interest drive. The main body of rich guest world is individual rich guest, the language that this often appears to be not cut truly among them and without the hearsay that confirm. But, do not ignore them! The master likelihood of these rich guests is your client.

Now, rise rich guest and market sale union, train of thought is unlocked a few. Rich guest is the method of sale of a market. Think how you can use it. You may have cause of a long-dated strategy, strengthen interior to communicate for example or shorten the distance with the client. You also can have the specific target of the near future, sale activity, news briefing of a news, or project of a software. Meeting approval encourages the boss to build industry gain settle or live in a strange place for these activities even, write among them content by company staff. A few normaller word, can run these rich settle or live in a strange places by the public relations branch of the enterprise. And, the content of these rich guests also can have the writer besides company staff, like the customer of your product or service for instance. The CEO of the enterprise or tall canal also can participate in rich guest to write in, the writing talent that a lot of people in them have special club.
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