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Medium and small businesses: Custom-built sale, can you succeed really?
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Day news of 2007-07-22 of net of Chinese network sale:20 centuries popularity of 90 time metaphase rises " concern sale " the principle is passed in Internet times ceaseless outspread, around the client the relation produced all sorts of new sale measures: Personalized sale, companionate sale, man-to-man sale, custom-built sale is waited a moment. No matter what call the name, cannot leave the essence of concern sale actually. Concern sale is to show distributors knows customer more as far as possible, give special sales promotion kimono Wu to loyal shopper. From tell on the other hand, no matter customer loyalty or client concern sale, its train of thought originates a basic fact, that is: Develop a new customer to want to compare tarry difficulty of an old client is gotten much.

Because Internet was understanding consumer to offer more convenience condition, because this makes concern sale forward,stride again farther, can know customer more information, next the particular case according to consumer, offer the product kimono Wu that they need to consumer only, namely custom-built sale. Custom-built sale makes one of basic instruments of network sale, summary says pardonable someone, internet times is the client's custom-built times.

The custom-built sale on Internet appears in each domains, gift of a flower is for instance transmissive company, can be in proper when warn a client through email, should send a bundle of flower for the birthday of his mother.

But, on Internet " custom-built sale " effective really? Does the client need custom-built sale really?

Cannot deny, concern sale is pulled close the distance between client and company, but do not mean the success that built a client to concern to be able to gain sale, the condition in reality treats first below.

Retail trade begins concern sale is commonner phenomenon, the concern sale failure in traditional business domain is already common, in 20 centuries 90 time, the wrong sense that shopkeeper builds the practice that the client concerns to be based on people to welcome redound namely with all sorts of intelligence card and favourable card misses. Although people won't get stuck all sorts of privilege the shopping redound proof of and so on to throw away, but also affect shopping way rarely. On Internet, people believes concern sale can produce effect better, because all informations dog,the job is finished by computer, people need not worry the operation that intelligence blocks, also need not ask after shopping every time market gets stuck in privilege make number, however all these does not mean Internet custom-built sale does not produce any trouble. The client is not willing to build affinity with the company and produce additional embarrassment.

In fact, concern sale applies at commodity not only retail domain, in the service territory of and so on of such as airline, also having sale of redound of client of " faithful " , fly for example plan of award of course of development, and look right consumer behavior produced certain effect, its effect is far want than any shopkeeper apparent, it is an example with concern more successful sale it seems that. However, regretful is, although aviation also is done not have from " faithfulness the money that comes to big earns over there " client, because a lot of airline are undertaking similar encouragement plans, so the passenger still should compare each airline active airline ticket price and service level, and, to obtain " faithful " of the client, airline always should pay fair price.
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