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2 times transmission reachs sale application
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Day news of 2007-08-04 of net of Chinese network sale:

Good advertisement basically is investment return rate is high. If your redound photograph compares your expectation,break up time, this has the effect of get twice the result with half the effort to raising investment return rate.

If, we can use the same charge that make, same agency charge, get numerous generation twice to your target or travel for many times, do you say final advertising result is met how? This is " advertisement travels 2 times " concept. 7 toothpaste advertisement can preserve field extensive, abiding consequence, because it created advertising 2 times to travel below not self-conscious circumstance,basically be.

The characteristic that advertisement transmits 2 times

In advertisement transmission process, the one part in transmitting object or object becomes transmission main body automatically to get the act of message of numerous transmission ad to the target again, right now, same an advertisement is actual and photogenic should travel at undertaking twice, reason latter is called advertisement travels 2 times. 2 times transmission has advertising as follows characteristic:  

(1 ) it is the spontaneity transmission that is not investment of mandatory, beardless transmission one kind

The main body that advertisement transmits is advertisement advocate, object is to suffer numerous with consumer, if the influence of the other side element such as oversight media. Advertisement advocate the decide person that is advertisement content, form. Advertisement advocate can pilot namely this one link. Advertisement has been released after going out, advertisement travels and did not end, and appropriative ad agency goes to the one part resource among advertisement object transmission ad message. And these their transmission behavior, advertisement advocate it is uncontrollable, consequently it is to be mixed self-consciously free.

(2) advertisement travels 2 times is the transmission that produces in to transmit object interior

The essence that advertisement transmits 2 times is pair of business information travel again, it is the transmission that is based on transmission to go up, the customer that had not accepted first time to disseminate information did not produce the likelihood of transmission 2 times.

(3) advertisement travels 2 times whether happen, and those who happen is strong reach the effect to transmit a decision by infirmly

Advertisement transmits main body 2 times to be consumer, content is right information of first time transmission and before the confluence of experience. But, as a result of the existence of information asymmetry phenomenon, overall limits sees the experience of consumer, its influence is basically negligible. So, those who affect transmission the 2nd times travel for the first time only actually.

(4) advertisement effect travels by and 2 times transmission is formed jointly

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