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5 kinds of networks popularize the actor bad of mode to compare
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Day news of 2007-07-30 of net of Chinese network sale:

In the times that network economy grows strong, more and more enterprises begin to value the market that the network keeps this in infinite business chance, especially the medium and small businesses that actual strength of a lot of capital, technology does not have method and big card business to place on a par, extend antenna to network sale domain in succession, the purpose disentombs with fewer cost here more potential clients. But unfortunate is, a lot of more current medium and small businesses advocate do not understand a network to popularize very, some feels beautiful even on thousands of and even 10 thousand Qian Jian set an enterprise website is to making network sale. Similar such circumstance without number, bring about the intranet that has on 10 thousand every year to the station breaks down or be flooded finally, the much that moves normally also did not produce the effect with enterprise due website adequately. So is network promotion after all how one and the same? Our medium and small businesses this how appropriate use a few networks to extend pattern in order to achieve sale goal?

Network promotion is project of a system. A foundation that building enterprise website is network promotion only perhaps says is premise condition. Not be to say to want to do network promotion to must have a website of course, the enterprise that does not have a website a little also can pass the other platform such as trade family status to undertake popularizing. Project of so called system is to pass all sorts of methods to let potential client see product information, the advisory phone of the potential client that wins then, fax, mail perhaps achieves the goal of online sale directly.

The hope that at present medium and small businesses holds to network promotion basically is to win more potential clients, it is ultimate goal in order to increase company earnings. Basically behave to the assess of the effect commonly in all directions face: 1. If the website visits a quantity,increase. 2. Online user registers an amount to increase. 3. Stimulative line leaves the growth of the sale. 4. Generate a sale directly.

Be aimed at this demand, at present in the market area main force has pattern of the following kinds of promotion, play actor bad character quite here, undertake in order to offer medium and small businesses consulting drawing lessons from.


Of Gu Ge on the right side of rank of price of key word contest is having stronger specific aim, and be according to click collect fees, and this rank is not pure contest price have what quality notchs and bade decides at the same time however. Overall for sexual price is higher than comparing. But because GOOGLE is changed in Chinese mainland,a lot of malpractice still exists in the process, the problem such as Chinese user use habit makes it ceaseless be searched engine by other Chinese elbow out, the netizen that uses GOOGLE at present begins to drop, the effect that spreads a respect in the market so chases scumble to change.
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