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The different form of network sale
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Day news of 2007-08-07 of net of Chinese network sale:1) intranet stands

Since on 90 time later period comes to the century, build enterprise website to already made a kind of customary way. Almost every company, even inn of wife of a few husband and wife, have oneself website. The main purpose that builds enterprise website is offer to the public about enterprise, product and other pertinent information. Enterprise website has the following characteristics.

A) company government website
Today almost every company has site of a government, need not cross much specification at this o'clock. Go up with the conference in a lot of circumstances, book, the method that establishs company government website and tool by wide to discuss. Remember please nevertheless, of tool of wh some of which apply can mix to the associated sex of the website market promotion produces an effect.

B) portal plan briefly.

C) the small website that lies between place to found for some section of the market

Small website is rolled out around new product normally, activity or specific section of the market are lain between and install, although the website puts add time not to grow, but can cause people to be opposite relevant product (activity, market) attention. Small website has an independent network address normally, and with complete activity is contacted together. Specific example asks the Origami site of referenced Microsoft. Advertent: Some companies build such small website too much, the result brings about his network strategy is messy and lack a key.

D) the network sale of seesaw pattern

The network is one kind can offer person reading media only not just. With other media different, a kind of interactive media becomes below the effort that the website can be in a company, encourage people and company to have more, more active communication thereby. Apply be based on Javascript, the technology of AJAX and Flash, of the network become more convenient interactively, although at present this kind interacts a be confined to " person and computer " between. Consult please a few concrete example: Subservient Chicken experience, what Kind Of M&M Are You, and the Caveman Crib of Geico.

E) Intranet/Extranet

The network can not help enterprise and client solely / accurate client undertakes communicating, also can use sell business, partner and supplier to undertake communication with employee, cent. Want to understand this aspect more information, join Intranet User Experience Group to perhaps inquire the relevant data on the net please.

F) area is changed
Below the big setting of current globalization, the website also is lain between by interpreter, reforming or area according to area, culture or estate melt into all sorts of version. Must pay close attention to the market that rises abruptly France, China and Japan quickly please. Also ask reference: The use circumstance of the Internet of country of the third world reports.
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