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What is search engine sale?
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Day news of 2007-07-25 of net of Chinese network sale:

English of search engine sale is Search Engine Marketing, abbreviate is SEM, the meaning of its Chinese searchs engine sale namely. SEM is a kind of of network sale new form, SEM is an enterprise significant favourable geographical position has network sale and promotion with search engine. Searching engine to optimize is a kind of step with network very significant sale.

What profit does SEM have?
SEM sale is the main measure of network sale, promotion of promotion, network brand, product, online to the website sale have apparent effect. It ranks the hit of the website that will increase you through taller search engine, browse a quantity namely, obtain product or the violent wind that serve sale to rise thereby. According to our network survey data, before the rank 10 website held the hit of 72% , rank the website between 10-20 to have 17.9% , and the hit that ranks 20 the following all websites to have 10% only. Content of SEM sale method includes: Search engine is optimized (search engine is ranked naturally) , classified catalog logins, search engine logins, column of rank of price of advertisement of engine of search paying fee, keyword advertisement, contest, address is searched.

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