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What is power guest?
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Day news of 2007-09-04 of net of Chinese network sale:Search on the network now " power guest " one word, the page that find and content are not much. As power guest nevertheless the concept is known stage by stage, and the wide application of power guest mode, spend period of time, can search the content nature about power guest the meeting is increasing.
Chinese new economy (commerce) developmental speed is at a tremendous pace really, and as new economy (commerce) the Internet of operation core, the new idea of commercial application and new pattern are to emerge in endlessly more. In the Chinese Internet industry 2005, rich guest concept and mode it may be said go out limelight, unmanned do not know. The course goes of year of Internet gain ground extensively, education and large-scale application, to the idea that who does not know rich settle or live in a strange place now, mode and application? The Web2.0 network that starts by rich guest concept and mode place applies upsurge, once swept across whole China Internet last year. However, enter 2006, the balefire of rich guest concept, mode and application has not go out, the network operation concept of an innovation and mode -- power guest concept and mode, emerge stage by stage again in the eye shot in us.
The English of power guest is Witkey (key of Wit wisdom, Key) . In network times, the creativity that depends on oneself (wisdom and originality) others is helped on Internet, and the person that wins pay is power guest. Common ground is told, power guest betrays him intangible assets on the network namely (intellectual commodity) person. Perhaps saying is knowledge is become on the network (commodity) the person of buying and selling. In new economy (commerce) the person that power customer does in the environment, sort is sundry, besides each each industries, domains, still include to master theory of of all kinds innovation (economy and management) person. Theory of of all kinds innovation masters in these (economy and management) philtrum, have economic power guest, administrative power guest and network the power guest of each domains such as power guest. Say OK even and exaggeratively, in Internet power guest on this platform, learn the sundry expert scholar such as the home without so called economist, management, have power settle or live in a strange place only. And power guest kind the occurrence of the website, the commercial platform that created product of knowledge of a sale to knowledge manufactures the individual of process capability and opportunity. Altogether, the occurrence of power guest mode, the knowledge that is an individual (resource) buying and selling brings business chance. As the advent of power passenger times, each power guest is OK the knowledge oneself, experience and academic research achievement serve as a kind aeriform " intellectual commodity " kimono Wu comes up in the network sale. Power guest passes power guest website this platform buying and selling " intellectual product " , the knowledge that lets oneself, experience and academic research achievement are changed into individual fortune stage by stage. Below power guest mode, the individual's knowledge (resource) not only it is force, and the fortune that is an individual. In the new economy with application development of intellectual natural resources (commerce) times, no matter be individual or organization,have knowledge to have money.
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