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Network sale tool: Microsoft pushs strong keyword of favorable balance of trade
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[tool of sale of network of network of Chinese network sale] before one paragraph, the keyword with a super and powerful function that a friend demonstrated them to me analyses Microsoft tool, the function exceeds strong, to making network sale or for the friends that the network makes money, it is a very valuable tool. Did not think of to just spend a week, I understand this keyword to analyse tool Ad Intelligence to had begun user try out in detail on an English Blog again, recommend strongly to everybody so, at the same time I believe, it can make Google, Yahoo go the keyword with better research and development analyses a tool.

Visit net of Chinese network sale please: Netwin123.com

The keyword analyses citing:

It is below a few with SEO one word is an analytic information that obtains in Ad Intelligence:

One, keyword data (Keyword Ad Data)

2, relevant keyword (Related Keywords To Advertise On)

3, efficient keyword Spiky Keywords (recently Hot Search Volume)

4, URL Related Keywords (site Related Key Words of URL relevant keyword)

Other function introduces:

Ad Intelligence has a few very pretty good function characteristics, here introduces:

Keyword Wizard:
This one function allows you to extract a keyword, these keywords may originate the Vertical that the key word list of Excel format already perhaps existed, or URL is waited a moment. The advertisement of alliance of the key word list that he also allows you to be based on similar list to generate to expand, key word, keyword that perhaps contains core key word. It also allows you to input a few estimation to measure, for instance search numerary estimates, click quantity, advertisement to put in the position, ad CTR, and according to given date limits determines click expenditure and match a type.

Keyword Extraction (key word extraction) :
The keyword is the URL that inputs according to the client draw-out. OK and most setting 1 to 100 keywords,

Keyword Suggestion (key word suggests) :
The keyword of the proposal basically is based on the average level of advertiser behavior, keyword that contains key word, perhaps be considered as likeness, the keyword that is based on similar list.

Search Buzz:
Main keyword sort component is 22 core category, and about 200 many accessary classification, spiky tool uses identical classification, but keyword of main attention Spiky, include: Spiky Index, spike Start Date, and Spike End Date. You also can install it all Verticals, disentomb thereby the Spiky Keywords that uses generally perhaps has representative search inquiry.

Monthly Traffic (lunar discharge) :
A certain keyword month search measures count, can forecast at the same time next the discharge of 3 months, also offer alternative of day discharge statistic of course.
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