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Network sale tool: Website content optimizes a keyword to analyse a tool
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[tool of sale of network of network of Chinese network sale] at present still SEO activity pays close attention to content is optimized most, can be a website ceaselessly because of you or be rich guest adds content, because this always has new opportunity,can improve search engine but diopter. But correct vocabulary should be found in any websites, you must undertake fixed, thorough keyword research.

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You must understand the concern between different vocabulary, understand people to if add these vocabularies in the content of the website,be in when search commodity and service. In last column " content optimizes: Keyword clew tool " in one article, I introduced how to build a keyword list and a few commonly used, free keyword clew tool, such as Quintura, google Suggest, yahoo Search Suggest, google Trends and tool of Google AdWords keyword.

The keyword hints the tool can help you understand what word to be able to be used in searching engine, what phrase concerns couplet with these vocabularies. The keyword analyses a tool to be able to offer the way that measures keyword clew function, and the competitive state of specific search vocabulary. More important is, the search that the keyword analyses a tool to conduce to you having keyword and word group certainly chooses the relative scale of marketing activity.

Of course, keyword analysis tool and keyword hint a lot of distinction exist between the tool. For instance, data of cereal song tool is searched from Gu Ge obtain in the website, and the Keyword Discovery of such as of keyword analysis tool that is based on subscription and WordtrackerKeyword use more information databases, its can be broken up, and with different means redefine.

In Wordtracker, keyword data by main Metacrawlers, such as MetaCrawler and Dogpile obtain. Undertake in Wordtracker when the user the keyword studies when, program accountant calculates specific keyword or word group is in 316, 558, 816 middle term are collected in lexical frequency. For instance, computation 150, mean a specific vocabulary to appear 150 times in Wordtracker database.

Wordtracker thinks, metacrawlers search data and the inquiry that the mainstream searchs engine very match, data is not obtain automatically by software, can examine website rank and case of rank paying fee ceaselessly. Because Keyword Discovery uses global appreciation database,this is, this database includes to make an appointment with 4.4 billion searches, every search originates the search data of the user, in order to prevent identical and similar data lack fidelity.

Two afore-mentioned keywords analyse a tool to won't enlarge a keyword to search data, will offer more accurate search to choose discharge for you, although the prime source of these data is very different. Two tools also can offer a variety of means to break up data.

We take “dog Food” to undertake demonstrative. Come down on average, in Gu Ge search indexes there is the inquiry that is aimed at “dog Food” 1395 times about everyday in propping up. And Keyword Discovery basis average state of a year, think to have the search inquiry that is aimed at this word 1088 times everyday. And Wordtracker thinks, the search that is aimed at “dog Food” is afore-mentioned numbers double much.
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