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Network sale tool: Tool of 30 when collect on the net commonly used SEO
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Tool of sale of network of network of Chinese network sale] the website that wants to have a success or rich guest, proper keyword setting is one of indispensable elements. This sounds resembling is an easy task, but the combination of the keyword is to a lot of is plant, want to assure those who be happy to search to these keywords are an user namely, before wanting to let a webpage lean inside search result as far as possible again, more difficult.
Network sale website of the first information: WWW.NETWIN123.COM
Fortunately, have a few free or the tool that collect fees can help us complete this one work. . I collected such 30 tools in this article, have some of tool among them, it is to optimize click advertisement, but likewise useful to optimizing your site.

Avoid cost tool key word
Key word density
Charge: Much?
After the Url address that keys in a page, the number that you will see inside this page which keyword is used is maximum. You can choose Meta label, alt label, caption, and choose 1, 2 or 3 listed keywords will examine a result.
(Parandroid notes: A lot of experts suggest keyword density maintains commonly in 2%-8% . )

Tool of key word research
Charge: Much?
This tool lets you inquire the Meta label of your competitor uses what kind of keyword.
(Parandroid notes: To Blogger, had not achieved competition that degree, how is can using this tool inquiry to follow the settle or live in a strange place of a few outstanding rich with same content of your rich guest nevertheless installed. )

The tool of key word proposal of SEO Book
Charge: Much?
More practical and the tool of key word proposal of special free tool ——SEO BOOK. Not only can give you relevant word and phrase, and showed search quantity and the proposal that come from other keyword tool.

The builder of key word list of SEO Book
Cost: Free charge: Much?
Your Url address and a few key word are keyed in inside this tool, it will make the list of a relevant keyword for you.

The builder of misspelling key word of SEO Book
Charge: Much?
This is not the spelling mistake of the keyword that checks you, want you to input a word or sentence only however, generate an user for you the keyword of may wrong spelling.
(Parandroid notes: Of the interpreter not smooth, make an example, your original keyword is “Google” , this tool generates “gooogle” for you, of “gogle” and so on. When the user of those not careful spelling mistake searchs such word as much can search arrives your page. If such mistake is the mistake with more incidental user, and the person that uses this kind of keyword little, that, your website is hopeful. Ah. )

Tool of proposal of Yooter key word
Charge: Much?
This free tool searchs quantity and relevant term with what will search a keyword. You are OK still save proposal result the file that is.csv format. Need registers ability to be able to be used.
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