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Network sale tool: QQ group hair software
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[tool of sale of network of network of Chinese network sale] MSN good friend group hair implement 4.0 2006-11-22 0.08MB
Of short duration is aimed at group of hair software of MSN without the picture, rate is rapid, successful rate is high.

Without extremely QQ message group hair implement V5.0 defeats solution edition 2006-08-19 0.5MB
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Of short duration does not have a picture this is a QQ that develops in the light of QQ2006 group hair software, send rate fast, need not add a good friend, use temporarily conversational means is sent. This software is to be green edition, can expunge at any time. This tool is QQ group hair is perfect the edition that defeat solution, good still QQ news group hair implement.
Doubleclick without extremely QQ message group hair implement V5.0 defeats solution edition, the software that start, can appear to did not register model of written characters, need not be defeated register a straight contact to register pushbutton to be able to be finished register, you are being stolen behind happy.

Direct transmitter registers online QQ information edition 2006-08-19 0.6MB
Of short duration runs this software to want you to open QQ only without the picture can. Can send a message directly to users of any on-line ten million, no matter whether the other side asks be a good friend or be being added through test and verify is to reject to add,be a good friend, this software can send a message to him directly. Number of information content word is not restricted, can carry the network address that can click. QQ advertisement group send optimal sharp weapon.

QQ is all-purpose send demon V2.3 to register edition 2006-08-19 0.3MB
Of short duration does not have picture QQ group hair implement QQ is all-purpose send demon V2.3, it is one need not add the other side to be a good friend, with respect to the software that can chat with arbitrary number, support QQ2006 new edition, qq message group hair implement Qq good friend group hair implement, qq information group hair software. The QQ with powerful function group hair tool (QQ message group hair implement) .

Message of QQ of Sun Nong civilian group hair implement 2006-08-19 0.4MB
Of short duration does not have message of QQ of picture grandson farmer group hair implement do not need to join the other side to also can give QQ of check the number to send a message for the good friend, it is to make advertising good assistant! Need not add the other side to be a good friend, can chat with arbitrary number, support QQ2006. A QQ that is used by a lot of people group hair implement.

Extremely fast QQ group hair implement register edition 0.5MB formally
Of short duration can send number of 10 thousand QQ hourly without the picture, speed is splitting. Of course the computer that premise is you is quite fast, your network bandwidth is quite wide just go. Register formally edition
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