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Network sale tool: Statistic of free website discharge analyses a system
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Edition of Baidu statistic system testing went up formally already on November 1, 2007 line.
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Baidu statistic Http://tongji.baidu.com/ is the system of website discharge statistic that provides broad website administrator to be used freely, help you dog the real flow of the website, the operation that optimizes a website is decision-making. The function that at present Baidu statistic provides includes: Discharge statistic, call in a variety of statistic such as analysis of analysis, search engine key word, caller analysis analyse a service, more statistic analyses a service to will be rolled out in sequel.

High speed: Systematic high speed is answered, statistical code does not have delay time to load.

Stable: Platform of 100 million sub services, make sure data stability is transmitted.

Essence of life is accurate: Particular COOKIE dogs analysis, reductive essence allows data.

Safe: Different ground solid duration occupies backup, guarantee data security and privacy.

Professional: Powerful technical group, the data of core is analysed.

Simple statistic of 4 paces use Baidu serves

The first pace, register become Baidu alliance member.
The 2nd pace, log onto allied system, in VIP club channel application Baidu statistic checks a service.
The 3rd pace, with Baidu alliance ID logs onto Baidu statistic system, get statistical code.
The 4th pace, statistical code is placed on your website, begin statistic.
Control in 1 hour commonly, you can monitor the discharge data of own website in Baidu statistic system.

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