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Network sale tool: Chinese searchs engine, the website is optimized, key word is
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[tool of sale of network of network of Chinese network sale] do a website what must use is entry entrance of Chinese search engine, now such data on the net also pretty is much, but why am I sent again even? Because I am in used process,experience arrives very no-go, the data on the net has period of time to had not been changed, a lot of websites cannot be used, so waste time namely to everybody. So I manage to find time with respect to the Chinese the mainstream on the net search engine logs onto entrance rearrange, I had tried below, and can use, hope to be able to be helped somewhat to everybody.

Visit our website please: Www.netwin123.com of net of Chinese network sale

Baidu logs onto entrance Http://www.baidu.com/search/url_submit.htm freely
Google logs onto entrance Http://www.google.com/intl/zh-CN/add_url.html freely
Yahoo logs onto entrance Http://cn.yahoo.com/docs/info/suggest.html freely
Sina logs onto entrance Http://bizsite.sina.com.cn/newbizsite/docc/index-2jifu-09.htm freely
Does Sohu log onto entrance Http://db.sohu.com/regurl/regform.asp freely? Step=REGFORM&;class=
1000 degrees log onto entrance Http://www.qiandu.com/search/default.asp freely
Sai Di logs onto entrance Http://itsearch.ccidnet.com/appl/appl_xz.htm freelyAlltheweb logs onto entrance Http://www.alltheweb.com/add_url.php freely
Assist log onto entrance Http://www.net2asp.com.cn/search/regform.htm freely
Legal net logs onto entrance Http://www.law-lib.com/lawseek/wzdl.asp freely
The Milky Way logs onto entrance Http://search.inhe.net/navigate.asp freely
168 search index props up market conditions to land entrance Http://search.168yx.com/add.php freely
Cruel 100 million log onto entrance Http://www.ku68.com/home/webreg.asp freely
Harbor of lukewarm state information logs onto entrance Http://www.wzonline.com.cn/search/login.php3 freely
Does Chinese holiday log onto entrance Http://www.china-holiday.com/newterms/hall/it/sort.asp freely? Sortid=259
Love is colourful log onto entrance Http://wangjianran.com/aiyaner/geren.htm freely
Network an ingenious military move lands entrance Http://www.net7b.com/net7b_site/denglu/index.asp
Hui Cong industry logs onto entrance Http:// freely
Sun Wu logs onto entrance Http://www.sunwukong.cn/add.php freely for nothing
Kaixifeideng types buccal Http://www2d.biglobe.ne.jp/~kinryou/cgi/url.html
360 online land entrance Http://www.360hang.com/
Ethereal world Chinese searchs engine Http://www.6mj.com/search/
Chinese search lands entrance Http://service.chinasearch.com.cn/zhongsou/wzdl/free_protocol.htm
Guangdong in relief river is online Http://www.gdyj.com/
Y28 Search Http://www.y28.com/cgi-bin/link/join.pl
Chinese search logs onto Http://service.chinasearch.com.cn/web/frontward/free/free_protocol.htm freely federally
Alliance of the website that be the same as a city logs onto entrance Http://www.mylove19.com/add.asp freely
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