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How does foreign trade enterprise build a website (3)
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Day news of 2007-08-25 of net of Chinese network sale:

Foreign trade enterprise builds his website, what problem needs to notice? In two articles between we had discussed the option about domain name and space, and the problem such as the plan of the website (" classical and practical tutorial -- how does foreign trade enterprise build a website (one) " and " classical and practical tutorial -- how does foreign trade enterprise build a website (2) " ) .

5, how to make a practical website

The usability of the website actually very general rules, but present a lot of websites are not done reach the designated position, sum up discovery through Chinese Nuo net, main show is in the following kinds of circumstances: Dot link is very simple, but should know what link is worth to nod can not allow easy; The specification on the webpage often not clear not of Hunan, let a netizen be just as drop into 5 lis of dense fog, do not know where to should nod to just be opposite; The interactive technology on the network is multifarious now, the person that often let use more the head is big; The navigation column on the network is done very badly, result of the person that use can be lost in the network world of vast, seek the information that is less than oneself to want; The flow that electronic business affairs trades lets a person not easily understand, and finish not easily also; Although a lot of webpages are done quite brightly beautiful, but treasures defeats garrulous outside its inside its, the person that use looks for the content that is less than need instead, also trade without what want project; With respect to current condition, the commercial website that is as high as 9 to become comparatives to be used falsely. If you want to find certain data, can not find for certain in general website so, even if can find, also want to pass hardship one time to struggle, especially the abroad client of extremely strong to having specific aim, search a long time on the website of foreign trade enterprise also the product that search does not want to oneself, good perhaps not easy search arrives product, cannot find connection way again however, such, although client very the product that enjoys you, finally also can bemoan one's inadequacy in the face of a great task!

The website availability that if be as high as 9,becomes is so poor, so why does people get online even? Say simply, next websites that will be become still consider remnant pretty good (even very marvellous) . The network is the transmission agency of dominant of a kind of person that use, the time of great majority of the person that use that is to say is to spend the website that has been in to go up, the duty of Chinese Nuo net avoids to make coarse website as far as possible namely.

Chinese Nuo net introduces the method with practical website of a few promotion simply here, these methods often can have the effect of get effect instantly, there can be the change of quite old rate at the beginning of carrying out. Next although the effect is compared not apparent (because real problem is in,already obtained at the beginning solve) , but the improves website of foreign trade enterprise availability that still can stabilize. The availability of the website still can be improved at least now 20 times, because this calculates,also had not been hard again.
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