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Alexa moves to count domestic China website to suffer doubt to rank again by to
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Day news of 2007-08-29 of net of Chinese network sale:Release the website that website world ranks technically as, the user of Alexa website basis that founded in the United States 1996 links number (Users Reach) browse number with the page (Page Views) the geometrical average that 3 months accumulate, every 3 months announce new website to be ranked integratedly. Although its rank is calculated,means is denounced more quite by compatriots, but the discharge statistic orgnaization that lacks authority as a result of home and tool, alexa website makes the one old standard that judges rank of domestic website discharge gradually.

Begin from 2005 however, alexa adjusts computational method often all the time, arrange of this with one action makes a series of websites encountered home be cleaned greatly, old standard net, medium in waiting to be washed in the Na Ciqing at the beginning of 2006, search net ranks suffer a disastrous decline. To this, alexa claims, this is to safeguard the blow that the real authority of its data takes cogged act, will return the rank that will continue to monitor a website henceforth, return industry a real data. After this also facilitated directly of Alexa for many times to clear acts, include website of this a lot of star fall horse.

To clear, suffer a setback of domestic famous website, somebody speak bluntly: "Chinese website is the heavy disaster area with cogged Alexa " , the integral figure of domestic website cheated a shadow accordingly. For the moment no matter cogged, from big environment, this action accentuated undoubtedly the burden of Chinese Internet.

Additional, financing is now the biggest hope that most website lives, the high rank that original home website is hope him support draws the attention that wind delivers, obtain investment to create convenient condition for oneself thereby. But what can see is, the Alexa of the important vane that once flowed to as capital of business of venture capital investment is ranked, nowadays more and more the authority that lost it. A venture capital investment says from personnel of course of study, the Alexa with numerous and false amount is ranked, those who caused news of trade of venture capital investment to go up is not accurate, cause investment error, a good deal of capital hit water to float. Many wind cast a company to had begun to regard a reference as its only, and begin to study more investment reference target.

In website of this batch of to clear, a lot of homes ever obtained wind successfully to cast, but a lot of Internet enterprises are management state however undesirable, a few websites that rely on fare of venture capital investment only break down nearly the brim. It seems that, the concealed of the 2nd winter of Internet has the power that return.

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