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The website popularizes promotion increasingly gradually make good
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Day news of 2007-09-03 of net of Chinese network sale:The 20th times Internet develops findings report to show, end on June 30, 2007, chinese website amount has achieved 1.31 million, 470 thousand increased inside half an year, than 2006 the corresponding period increased 520 thousand, be before rise quantitative the sum 4 years, year increase rate is achieved 66.4% . At present Chinese every 10 thousand people have 10 websites, than 2006 the corresponding period increased 4, growth is rapid.

Be based on the rapid growth of amount of above enterprise website, website promotion is become gradually general, how does the enterprise let the website with him complete function, let more essence allow to the client is browsed and pay close attention to, how to begin the trade on the net, achieve the sale on the net, as the enterprise the site can consider take as the point of departure from the following:

1, search kind of company professionally to make promotion, give priority to in order to extend contest price at present, for example GOOGLE, Baidu.

2, the trade platform with famous choice, net of trade of world of the Libaba that be like A, round-the-world resource, China (Www.cwto.com.cn) wait.

3, rely on network software add the trade website that notes the whole world, for example business affairs express.

4, use green mail and short message to have sale.

5, use actively forum and exhibit can effective promotion, in order to expand famous degree etc.

6, use newspaper, invite applications for a job and TV ad to wait, publicize the network address of the company actively, let network application rise!

Apply the effective demand of sale market and Shandong client in the light of IT of enterprise of above whole nation, we are so glad that we learn: On September 1, interconnection of 10 thousand nets (Beijing) Shandong of climb a hill of IT limited company, garrison peaceful market of Qingdao, aid, more effective service Yu Ludong, Lu Xi's client. This serves a client with IT application, with the interconnection of 10 thousand nets with celebrated market of commerce platform drive, land Qingdao to bring a surprise to the enterprise.

Say according to controller of Qingdao of interconnection of 10 thousand nets: Humorous of  of fawn on of ⒓ of body of lament of Yun of Piao of  of  of Nao  チ ] dash forward  guides city Cheng? will be rolled out with client website construction is a foundation, it is promotion edge tool with commerce platform and business affairs express, discuss in order to embed the instant communication of the website is tool, for the enterprise comprehensive and integrated IT uses sale, the electronic business affairs that begins civilian to change clears away high threshold obstacle.

As the rapid development of network economy, we are glad also see: The centre of gravity of world economy has transferred an Asia, china will be the focus of this center, china will become one of the most important trade centre on the world, become the most important trade centre the most likely, china is giant inside needing will be the component with world the mainest trade.
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