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The elementary issue that enterprise website often makes
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Day news of 2007-09-23 of net of Chinese network sale:A lot of enterprises made a website diagnose, among them majority website from beautiful degree will look with the functional side that should have still is pretty good, but compare with respect to the problem from the point of code analysis respect much, but we also see still the website with not little amount to exists a few " elementary " mistake, these mistakes make the figure of the enterprise big sell at a discount, so the article lists them adduce to come, before hope enterprise user is wanting to popularize business on the net, do not make these mistakes at least.

The funniest mistake: After be being copied from other website, the webpage is revised, but changed a David's deer, what make a person want to be illogical most is unexpectedly the webpage it is to copy the website also is from which in the source write clearly.

The webpage had not undertaken art design is designed, look really afflictive in the eye.

The link is wrong, cannot open the webpage that point to.

The picture cannot show.

The style with a lot of not commonly used Windows was used when the webpage that make.

Need not Css normative webpage, a website many " style " .

If your website is put in afore-mentioned problems, ask the correcting of equestrian admiral, every put this kind of website in a day of much day to harm company image and interest, it is really 100 is kill and do not have one benefit, must not make network sale and website promotion for this kind of website.

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