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Enterprise website builds a data to prepare skill
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Day news of 2007-09-23 of net of Chinese network sale:If you or your company prepares to build a website or be opposite,have website correcting, what you should understand is the goal that establishs a website: The website of the sale sex that builds an effective anything but can careless, cursory act, informal preparation burns a material, look for a few symbolistic pictures, package a place of strategic importance gives professional company, over- not long website with respect to OK, this is absolutely mistake! Perhaps you are informed enterprise of person of the same trade to already built a network in succession, obtained certain effects; Perhaps you are by network company clerk repeatedly advice, just prepare investment to build a website, remind you to notice, must be in clear at the beginning: What can you use a website to do? Pass a website, what does you can be the person that visit or the client offer, perhaps say what profit you brought to consumer? Asking what interest oneself can acquire from which next?

Here, those who remind you to notice is, literal data had better look for person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of arranging, had better be the person that be familiar with market sale and certain written language organizes ability, the much angle that they can stand in enterprise, market and consumer considers constituent way of the character. Normally the enterprise below the circumstance is providing a data often is to be based on an enterprise to publicize data of all sorts of page of manual, color, reports, technology constantly, I think those who say is, these data often technical too strong or stand blindly in company point of view: I have how long history, technology advanced, honorary title, but devoid station considers an issue in client angle. Of course, these are very good data, but suggest you had better look for person specially assigned for a task to be arranged.

It is the function that the website has general character below, you are OK according to need, the way that chooses to suit oneself organizes a material.

1, release information

Establish company sale website, can turn business information and product information to the net, in order to get more commerce opportunities and market competition ability, this is the enterprise approachs the first pace of electronic business affairs. You are raising money data and the following in safeguarding, want to notice, this is a kind that raises company sale channel. You can use Internet most the pertinent information that provides a company effectively to the outside, in order to serve a customer. Pass Internet, provide the latest news of the enterprise in time, wait like price of new product development, stock, management case. You still can regard a sale as auxiliary tool Internet, provide the business information of all sorts of instant sexes to the salesperson that is in forefront at any time and place, maintain communication connection in order to assist sales compaign at any time with the salesperson, reduce market error, avoid market loss.
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