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How does enterprise website make the edge tool that dig gold?
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Day news of 2007-08-30 of net of Chinese network sale:

Was charge of your enterprise website sale used on edge?

As the rapid development of Chinese Internet net, more and more enterprises begin to build his website, its intent purpose is the company is shown on the network newest achievement, model ego good figure, create a window that lets outside him understanding. After every space that when the antenna of the network ceaseless development lives to us, enterprise website is much a function, - sale, namely we the route that everyone should take electronic business affairs in saying company now.

Network sale just does not pass network platform simply to sell a product, however an integrated project: The client passes a website the relevant trade news that understanding of other perhaps way reached an industry, stand in intranet next aspirant travel understanding, investigation, consider message of culture of the enterprise elegant demeanour that the website reveals, company, product integratedly, agree with this enterprise finally, order then do business. It is difficult to say to be done easily. Although the website of domestic each company flushs ceaselessly, the page designs more and more elegant also, vogue, but, face intense competition, what kind of network sale is just truly effective? How is the enterprise sufficient use network resource to undertake sale is publicized? This is a when company place should face new task. As we have learned, although join network sale to the enterprise of the team followings sb's heels and come, but the business that can develop network sale adequately is rare however. Domestic all along exists " follow the general trend " ethos, since a lot of enterprises join a network, oneself also cannot lag behind at the person, but the scale of network sale cost and effects and relation, the company thought carefully rarely.

In light of condition of current enterprise website development, the company that has an in part gifted the website only revealed a function, although the enterprise spent tens of thousands of money to do a pretty good website, but deploy special network to maintain staff rarely however, the connection means that is the simple a few branches the company only stays, a few simple products are revealed and introduce one year without newer company almost, comprised an enterprise website. The on 10 thousand yuan cost that build a station is final no longer hold the post is a pallet empty shell only. How to grasp an opportunity, combine sale function ably? The enterprise builds his TV station, information of enterprise elegant demeanour, product, will new product is released wait for relevant video material to be put in the TV station that belongs to his to broadcast, let user front know a business intuitionisticly the circumstance of each respect, the promotion expenses that adopts such conduct propaganda to popularize gimmick to arise is low. Such probably temporarily between cannot bring the economic benefits with a full full earthen bowl for the enterprise, but improve the propagandist result of the website ceaselessly however, for the enterprise in the future sale removed first-rate matting, the user that allows the website that browse had deep impression.
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