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Website how can clearer expressional oneself advantage?
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Day news of 2007-09-04 of net of Chinese network sale:Often hear a few friends that do poineering work to complain recently, the website that oneself expended very great time to make, either the function is complex, it is the thing that expression does not give him to want. Hear these, when stationmaster poineering contest is being made before couplet thinks of a few months, stand about building with friend of a few stationmaster the discussion of the problem, have the place of a lot of resonance. Recollect now a few, a few more compensatory, consult for everybody differentiate and analyse:

1. Do a website with operation consciousness

The website is to be used manage, not be to use those who watch. But at the beginning of building a website, often easy defect arrives " functional trap " in. The most outstanding performance is, everybody always considers an assemble in leave no stone unturned how many function gift is nice, and ignored " function " the relation between. After such websites are done, can discover one major function does not have use. Mature platform operation process, it is to be done in installment commonly. This kind in installment, show platform develops a process not simply in installment, however operation in installment. Roll out the platform of mode of a newer business for instance, original function is unfavorable and complex, want to have the link that the market is communicated and teachs the market, should suffer numerous group to comprehend business train of thought, built up the person is angry, increase all sorts of functions through content of business of outspread platform base, meet aqueduct canal is become.

Proposal: If you feel the function is complex, that basically affirms complex, do some simpler; If you feel to do not have those who show your to want, consider first, such now doing is easier with suffer numerous communicate.

2. What clearing up is website advantage

  In big environment of competition, website itself is nonexistent what competition advantage. Because the website is,comprise by a series of soft hardware, it can pass investment of capital, personnel to raise development doorsill and market to enter a doorsill, but to competitor character, compose does not become competitive doorsill of essence, even if the product with technical very high content also is same.

Website advantage still is the advantage that shows operation website place is formed, or the website is in the advantage of business side.

Proposal: Consider website advantage, be inferior to considering business advantage, more be inferior to considering operation advantage.

3. Understand operation key ingredient

The crucial element that website operation considers includes: ⑹ of Jin of Gou of  of hoarse of ⑷ of Peng of δ of Ang of Chen Jing of moxibustion of  of ⑼ of Chi of   drop enlighten noise of hey of Pie of fade of basket of  of low ㄇ of ⒐ of aim border vinegar stops  to brush Song of drop of  of  of > of Chu of Qiong of subcutaneous ulcer of  Wo  to flinch bank lights H of to fold couchant Gang Quan, the technology can be promoted namely in implementation function and expressive respect also can restrict. Carry all sorts of expression, clew and different type suffer numerous communicate, form the development process that "; of " client relation concerns this kind to be able to affect business conversely and phase, or active or inactive.
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