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Shallow talk about operation of website of medium and small businesses to safegu
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Day news of 2007-09-23 of net of Chinese network sale:Website operation is safeguarded, nothing more than had done two fields work: Update with promotion. But carry out rise what far from says is so relaxed. A lot of enterprises are doing the drag in many people to do sth when the website, the everything is just fine after the website has been done, company manager is very few bother about, the branch that is in charge of website management is known without the person safeguard knowledge basically, the main effect of this website contains a Www on calling card namely probably " get online " mark, encounter the client level that accepts calling card about the same also, still arise spontaneously immediately trustful meaning. Have such effect, also pretty good.

But network application is in thorough, network sale knowledge is gaining ground, increasing company manager, administrator realizes: One, the website that had not updated two years, and one is done elegantly but the website that knows without how many person, it is completely in wasteful resource. "Informatization " be not one-time investment to build a website so so simple, after mainer job depends on website building update for a long time with promotion process.

The website is safeguarded involve resource and cost issue, but should use pair of time only, the resource that website of major medium and small businesses defends need and cost are not met too tall.

Talk about a website to update above all. Enterprise website basically is newer product and demonstrative character. Website of general medium and small businesses runs a system without tiring-room content, the webpage needs newlier to know the staff that makes a webpage, but the enterprise does not have this kind of talent mostly (although study does a webpage,also be not tickler) . A method, revise next provisions that renew a service about the webpage when with the network that makes a website the company signs a contract namely, because the contract is medium,do not want oversight this problem, when network company seeks when need is updated again very passive.

The settlement with more flexible another method is, the training in the company edits the personnel of the webpage, the society uses the Html editor such as Frontpage, Dreamweaver. If a person can learn use Word, should OK institutional webpage editor, FTP uploads a file. The network company that can let do a website grooms, combine the self-study that buy a book, not difficult, learner can master a knowledge more, also won't defy. Accordingly, this method also can be used.

Website promotion is complex and arduous much. From exchange engine of link, entry search, information releases mailing list to safeguard send etc, each respect involves professional knowledge, not be to learn webpage of a few such as simply to make what the method can solve any more, but this part crucial, accordingly, to the website of medium and small businesses promotion has the following proposal: The bag outside priority discipline, other promotion him work is in-house assume.
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