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Medium and small businesses establishs a few skill of the station!
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Day news of 2007-09-23 of net of Chinese network sale:

Medium and small businesses establishs a few skill of the station!

1 about the domain name

Domain name had better not too long, and write down the significance with have particular, easily, good now domain name already not much, you but word of agile use number, English, phoneticize the combination that wait, can inquire to Http://www.itnic.cn/domain/ those domain names can be registered.

2 about fictitious lead plane

Fictitious perhaps lead plane must stabilize the server of the choice, buy before can look inside the column of domain name lead plane to HAO123, must not buy those to evaluate bad lead plane provider, be not attracted by his cheap lead plane space, not stable rate exceeds slow site, be willing to await without the person! What my company uses now is to be able to bear or endure the intelligent crewel leader that considers Nick Http://www.nicenic.com, used fast half an year, the feeling still goes, there also is a link in HAO123, also had seen ability choose them in evaluation of government of fictitious lead plane at the same time, do not have disappointment fortunately, otherwise is endured batch!

3 make about the page

Domain name space also came down surely, should consider serious problem now, webpage design is he comes, still ask other company generation to do? Alas oneself won't, ask personnel of a technology to come back, too troublesome also, also too not be to one's profit a bit! Do not have method, can do a webpage to make a company do only. Charge is 3000-30000 10 thousand, general intranet stands! Nevertheless here recommends to everybody pretty good east east, you can arrive be able to bear or endure the company that considers Nick Http://www.nicenic.com to buy them establishs station formula, top class domain name establishs post office of 100M of crewel 150M dynamic space price of = of station treasure box wants 288 yuan only! (NiceBox of box of the treasure that build a station is self-help builds station kit, include many elegant pattern plate that build a station and tally, leave a message this, online news system, product releases system of system of system, forum system, online customer service, invite applications for a job to wait for dynamic function module, the page increases at will. The person that use need not any professional knowledge, apply a browser, dub mouse can generate the website with elegant and practical, powerful function instantly, suit self-help of medium and small businesses to build a station very much. Suit self-help of medium and small businesses to build a station very much..

4 design about UI

UI=User Interface, the meaning of user interface. A lot of design firms UI pure understanding is designed for the interface, the thing of website structural frame is actually a bit more important instead inside this, the time that makes user flower least finds the thing that he needs, at the same time even image of give attention to two or morethings, prominent company, this ability is the ultimate goal that UI designs. The permutation that commercial design is the most important is the use habit that notes heavy user and data is orderly.
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