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Enterprise self-help establishs the profit that station website builds and harm
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Day news of 2007-09-23 of net of Chinese network sale:DIY self-help builds station tool, basically be to pass use pattern plate and content management system to come construction and newer website. Make website construction and safeguard become easy rise. A lot of lead plane serve a provider to offer self-help to build station product, with lead plane the service binds a sale.

Self-help builds a station, it is here bits bit mouse, knock over there knock clavier, next map of sheet of such as watch, search, website, leave a message a lot of woof that thin, calendar waits website of and so on a moment to form came out with respect to expression. And, a lot of lead plane serve a provider to build self-help station tool and service of domain name lead plane to bind not only, often still all alone with sale of website promotion, Email, search engine is optimized popularize the job to make packet of sale jointly with the succeed such as discharge statistic, this provided the service of professional, system for average company not only, solved them to carry out the real difficulty of network sale as the business that does not know network sale, from the point of website operation process, a very absorbing place is long-term cost inferior, bale charge decreases successively for sales promotion year after year, and need not pay the fee such as domain name, lead plane, promotion every year respectively again, accordingly, self-help builds the relatively low cost of the station to enter also is a when attract a client main reason.

Since self-help builds a station to have above a variety of advantage, why does people ask network company even technically to do a website? Actually, self-help builds a station to lack the flexibility on design and layout. Different stencil system has different board type and function, the self-help that should choose carefully to suit him website property, characteristic and function builds station system. Certain self-help builds station system to still show their brand information on your website, free self-help builds a station especially such. If your website is commercial website, had better not use this kind of free tool.

Use self-help builds a station to still have a the biggest contrast, it is so-called it is OK to want to be able to type only the website construction of implementation is not place to say actually so convenient. How had study used this tool to had been bothered quite normally. Actually, self-help builds station tool to be full of characteristic more, personalized function is more, website effect is more elegant, often use rise to jump over a trouble. You need to learn a large number of knowledge: Colour is applied, composing style, information is built, layout and design. If use a fault these knowledge, will bring the result that be just the opposite to what one wished to the website. Accordingly, although you are already hep relevant knowledge, and computer and network apply adroitness, finish a self-help to build a station also far from imagination is so relaxed and simple.
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