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The necessity that intranet station updates is analysed
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Day news of 2007-10-14 of net of Chinese network sale:The network develops too quickly, website design does not follow to go up the development of the times, on Internet very big lack of website of one part enterprise devises an idea, did not individualize, did not reflect company culture, return the level that keeps before a few years far, provide a design quite thought, abound company culture information, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave making a person, look over is unforgettable, can have sale effect the website is more rare. As the development of the network, the percipient of people is taller and taller also, the design to the website also more and more care about, our website should be the simple enumerate of information not just, meet otherwise be flooded very easily to be in the Internet of tremendous amount of. We search the enterprise website that some industry searchs on engine in casually, we can be found by tens of thousands information, just think, in so much website, enterprise characteristic, commonplace without oneself having strange website is to won't make a person drive interest, prep let alone is entered browsed in detail, we know, good clothing can improve one the individual's social status, good website also can improve the image of an enterprise, a good website is in structure, navigation, coloring, each respects such as content are very cultured, she may be very simple, but give a person a kind of appeal however, business information knew while the person that let browse is viewed and admire.

Will tell from firm sense, the website represented the spiritual outlook of an enterprise, it is the figure place of the enterprise, if the website cannot reflect the image of the enterprise, the position in memory of the person that be in to browse by crude character, cheap picture and image of machine-made layout influence company instead, so still be inferior to be not being done!

Of course, the standard that evaluates stand or fall of a website is only by beautiful far insufficient still, because to the enterprise, the purpose that builds a website is not to view and admire, however sale, of course, the sale that says here is the sale on broad sense, just do not want implementation to be in namely the line shops or pay, all conducing to any conduct propaganda of promotion company image, stimulative brand, Internet sale shifts that improve service quality belong to this category. Come from some kind of meaning say, website sale is a kind of of traditional sale means effective complement to, it is a kind of new-style sale means, it is to apply contemporary computer IT especially the production of a kind of society that network technology will come to undertake manages configuration, primary purpose is the competition ability that enhances a business, increase or increase a sale or service, promotional the communication with consumer or client and communicate, raise an enterprise to manufacture efficiency, reduce management cost, optimize resource configuration. But, notable is: Major company does not have network sale consciousness, do not know how to use a website to have sale, do not value to the practical effect of the website especially! Often supervise and urge again and again in ours in real work below, these clients just cooperate to finish the issuance of the website, is the website built to just do not fall behind in their thought? ! Can imagine, such manner that build a station is the value that shows a website without the body, and also the client ever phoned me, say gladly to me: He has received order through the website! I think, this is the biggest to building the person that stand encouragement, also be the biggest to our job affirmation.
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