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Website of medium and small businesses builds mass 14 action
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Day news of 2007-08-12 of net of Chinese network sale:

One, the domain name that how stands to choose his does the enterprise build?

A domain name with company name and figure conform to, it is the premise that the enterprise has network sale. Because the domain name has only sex, once a domain name registers a success, any other orgnaizations cannot register same domain name. Accordingly, the domain name is the network brand with main business, the effect that marks to the enterprise has in network sale, name in what have a domain name when, want to consider photograph of the name of domain name and enterprise, label is unified. A good domain name should have concise sex, had avoided chief character to cause memorial difficulty, in addition, the domain name still should consider Internet internationally, the user of international of give attention to two or morethings. A good domain name, the issue involves the overall situation that image of brand of prospective company network establishs successfully. If your domain name is disadvantageous by your potential user people memorial application, be equal to let them forget the fictitious the facade of a shop that how can find you.

2, does enterprise website need to use a space?

Build an enterprise website to want how old space? How should the enterprise choose a space?

The enterprise should build a station to need to have his space, want to choose appropriate server namely, dimensional bulk basically chooses according to the size of the dimensions of the enterprise, website, usually, large company actual strength is abundant, and the consideration that is based on the database with enterprise giant oneself and safe respect, with choosing his erect server is optimal choice; and medium-sized company is happy to choose a server quite mandatory service, such OK the leave out management, a good deal of charge that upholds a server and small business of network manager; can share fictitious lead plane jointly with the person, namely of the space rent. Website of general small and medium sized business probably the space is in 100M-200M space.

3, does the enterprise build a website to need a plan?

The website needed to engineer too, and this often is not taken seriously by the owner of the website and producer place. When a lot of enterprises are doing a website, be engaged in simply: Seek the data of brief introduction of a few concerned companies and product brief introduction, mix on a few pictures again, give producer, exhort a few " are done some more beautifully ah the word of " and so on, the rest of the thing waits to check and accept namely. Producer, it is above all the opinion of comply with client, utmost ground satisfies the client's requirement, with the webpage good-looking give priority to, add bit of dynamic effect and so on again, be over vivid report to the superior after accomplishing a task. Such website, the likelihood is beautiful really, both sides is satisfactory also, but going up symmetrically absolutely is a very practical good website. Why? Because it is the propagandist an album of paintings of an enterprise nothing more than, similar newspaper of a blackboard, what what it delivers is a few simple message only.
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