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Medium and small businesses proposes the issue that the station exists
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Day news of 2007-10-14 of net of Chinese network sale:At present website of enterprise of our country foreign trade puts the main problem that be in to include: Engine of search of website construction lack optimizes consciousness, one-sided understanding to search engine to optimize, content of negligence website availability and reliability construction, website updates insufficient, Chinese and English edition to mix for consciousness of sale of brand of one station, lack.

1, engine of search of website construction lack optimizes consciousness

In wide strategy of extrapolate of sea of foreign trade website, the strategy of search engine sale that is based on search to all alone engine is optimized is one of commonly used website promotion methods, in method of all and overseas promotion, searching engine to optimize is the optimal way that low cost wins an user. But search engine optimizes a problem to be inside very long in the past period of time by general oversight, the website of domestic export business that brings about inchoate construction searchs engine to go up in English as more how old than doing not have as foreign competitor photograph advantage. These enterprises should undertake to the website engine optimizes examine bring up the rear to make correcting in time searching. Otherwise, lost the nature on any search engine to rank an advantage, the website can rely on costly of other take time only or arduous means undertakes popularizing.

2, one-sided understanding searchs engine to optimize

Personnel of many sale of foreign trade company had known to search the value that engine optimizes, will optimize technically in website correcting involve an issue as the key. Nevertheless a general situation is: The understanding that optimizes to searching engine stays on the rank of core key word merely. The search result that they think generally to do a search to engine is optimized even if achieve a certain key word is ranked, actually such understanding is one-sided, optimize effect index truly to include the following fields at least: The user is the rank of core keyword, commonly used logarithm of engine of the literal information that the search engine that retrieves keyword combination and rank, webpage collects capture of result of amount, search, search occupies updated frequency.

3, negligence website availability and reliability construction

Website availability (Usability) this word is compared in home unfamiliar, in developed country of western Internet level, the availability of the website builds the height with be mentioned very important. Because this is the key of effect of immediate impact website. Availability index includes a series of involving to use the issue of each respects of the website to the user, speed of experience of structure of the respect sex that is like navigation, column, user, download. And website reliability is mixed in sincere letter system the western country with sincere letter relatively perfect consciousness, also be very get attention respect. Website availability and reliability and the effect that spread itself have nothing to do, it is the problem of itself of dinkum website construction, the visibility in if your website is in,searching engine is very high (the rank is for instance good, did advertisement to wait) , but ask sheet is very few, whether do the availability that reviews a website with respect to this and reliability give an issue.
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