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the edge tool that network sale turns you into brand construction
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Day news of 2007-07-20 of net of Chinese network sale:Why to want the sale on the net? Do not know? ! Development market, establish a brand?

Who is an enterprise first strategy? How to carry out these? With what kind of tactics, the thing that the sale on the net should involve is too much.

Above all, you must know a fact: Will tell network sale to cannot replace traditional sale now, network sale and traditional sale will coexist for a long time. So the strategic import that the sale on the net wants to reach another deep arrangement, the brand is built. Now source of two big news----Traditional medium and network medium are accepted, and the enterprise that a magic weapon that the brand that the open sex of network medium and low cost sex are an any enterprises builds is now only did not know this adequately, use and did not carry out weller its.

Through network sale OK and auxiliary traditional sale builds more outstanding brand, this has the place that a few need notices:

The brand that through what kind of platform can you build an ego publicizes position? 2. After building this platform how can you make its better in blending in whole sale activity? 3. How can you make its become top class brand platform?

Will solve the first problem first:

This is general to the enterprise, the answer is very exclusive. Because to Internet it is a website, the figure acting character that a good website is a company. The numerous enterprise that this makes for beautiful and cite many Flash, picture. Make the webpage that gets oneself becomes " giant " , it is unreasonable so actually. Although this kind of website is in beautiful on do very well, but go against those who search engine to collect, the rank in making the website that gets oneself is searching engine thereby becomes very after a few pages arriving even after leaning.

So how this kind of issue is solved? When to top-ranking website construction serves business to design a website to the company, was to consider beautiful factor not only, and the element that still will search engine to optimize when the design builds a website (we call professional term our for SEO) joined among them. The website ability that only such designs build is achieved outstanding.

Still having a kind of settlement idea next is, the enterprise is adopted one static easily the mode that build a station, the meaning is a website very contented the need at eyeball, exceedingly good-looking and beautiful, before through adding contest value the rank makes its lean, and the website that accords with SEO standard namely with the website of one static state wins very good seat in common rank, can show company actual strength already so, what can highlight a company to go up in network sale respect again is professional. Make a client right the company gets be admissived adequately.

We solve the 2nd problem again! In how making platform blends in the sale activity of the company?
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