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The enterprise builds a station, is the server is buying still hire?
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Day news of 2007-10-14 of net of Chinese network sale:

The enterprise builds a station, buy server or hire server?

The friend that has built a website knows, it is good to choose, appropriate server, it is the fundamental premise that builds a good website. When choosing a server, business of general IDC operation can offer two kinds of proposals: After buying a server mandatory IDC computer room, perhaps follow hire of IDC operation business directly a server.

Since dispute this namely the choice of those, then we are done to these two kinds of means quite, where to see respective advantage be in? Actually, make quite, not be to single out which best! Which way is better? I want to do not have correct solution, can say which means suits you more only!

We see the advantage of hire server first:

The advantage of hire server is convenient with low. Medium and small businesses can consult the server hire of interconnection of domestic famous IDC92 introduces the information of Http://www.92hezu.com/host_hire.asp. We know, good system and software are installed after major server is bought, debug after passing, be being returned finally is to should put IDC computer room, so, the server of computer room of direct hire IDC wants relatively more save trouble a bit! Because after all leave out carriage segment, if the computer room is not far from user seat that is first-rate do, oneself drive or go by the car OK, but if IDC computer room leaves user seat very far, carry goes normally very troublesome, at that time, hire is a tweak really, although not be tweak, also be have to method, especially southwest and resource of northwest area computer room are very little, the user of those areas uses him to take a server to go mandatory means is inferior to going directly really hire.

But, the server of hire computer room also has his to be not worth:

The user cannot see the server of own hire is what about below major case, a few more honest and kind operation business are met however according to the facts the server that tells a client their place hire is model of what brand, what. So that reduce cost,the server that nevertheless also can few number IDC uses proper motion to assemble is used as hire business, what can provide an user so is the simple configuration data of the server, as to what introduce what brand advocate board even advocate board what is chip, these are users when managing a server remotely, ability is examined.

And the obstacle with everybody's mandatory to buying a server to put a computer room next the biggest kind is the price. But now as server cost reduce, major professional client and big client already instead uses proper motion to purchase equipment next the means with mandatory go off with, the odds ratio that purchases because of proper motion is more apparent:

The means series that introduces oneself puts on a server, it is a half even new fittings half is secondhand the price that fittings is assembled and becomes actually also too won't tall; Wanting high-powered user to be able to take out sufficient financing to buy 4 is 8 product even, a few users that pay attention to brand and stability also can buy the product of big plant of a gleam of of and his like of IBM, HP directly. Additional, some users should use more special operating system and software possibly, perhaps need the material with much COPY to arrive on server hard disk beforehand again, these servers that operate long-range control computer room are not very convenient, it is commonly be debugged first or had duplicated again computer room of go off with is mandatory.
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