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The network of small and medium sized business " become rich classics "
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Day news of 2007-07-27 of net of Chinese network sale:Small and medium sized business because the congenital deficient on the element such as capital, experience, manpower, be in so the problem that enters market initial stage to often can encounter a lot of respect. But, some closer year come the rapid development of the network offerred to extend platform goodly for medium and small businesses however. Below, the author talks how to use a network to open inflexible market situation.

One city moves in the right way, borrow a network to get information opportunely

Mr Li acts as agent recently " magical mop " , whether does this product have the market in Shijiazhuang for test and verify, he released product information through the BBS of this locality, result, only the demand that a week had 50 many netizens to put forward to want to see a product, at the same time still nearly 100 netizens enquire to this product generated interest and leaving a message. Final, mr Li reachs the confidence of the market sturdily to the product, opened the market through what a series of subsequently sale plan succeed, obtained the outstanding achievement that does not poor.

Allusion judges: The market research of sufficient full and accurate is field of dozen of reopen after a cessation of business not 2 a magic weapon, but the deficient as a result of manpower resource, medium or small the person that do poineering work has extensive market research impossibly, in this case Mr Li lends a network the interactive action of platform opportunely, there was an abecedarian knowledge to the market in 7 days only, thereby greatly managing time and charge, mastered the active advantageous position to the market.

2 conduct propaganda are strong, earn eyeball at breathed place

Fujian some food company, hold water more than one year to come oneself its sell a state to be in concussion period all the time. Through the diagnosis of some expert, its symptom is not worth to publicize a force, integral brand force is weak. But because fund is limited, this company cannot resemble other Fujian business undertaking headroom advertisement bomb in CCTV euqally. For this, this enterprise laid the view network advertisement. Pass the filtration of pair of each websites, final this enterprise decides the line of sight case at " Fujian food web " . Through successive the information of 3 months is released, the report of advertisement conduct propaganda and distinct range, this enterprise eventually tamp sale channel, it is certain to had in the generation austral Fujian at the same time famous degree, spent a sale successfully concussion period.

Allusion judges: The times of high-tech, have trendy advertisement pattern naturally. In capital actual strength weak condition falls, a lot of medium and small businesses undertake the advertisement bomb of carpet type feebly, but the network that serves as burgeoning media points out a bright road for medium and small businesses however. Fujian regards economy as the coastal and open province that develop, each company is higher to the susceptibility of network news. The food company in this case is looked at just about followed this one trait, used limited fund to undertake on Fujian food web the successive advertisement of 3 months is publicized, spent sale difficulty thereby, at breathed point gain eyeball.
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