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Close hire server sell like hot cakes to lead market of 2008 fictitious mainfram
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Day news of 2008-03-11 of net of Chinese network sale:

As the development with our country flying Internet, join the rank of the business on the net as more and more medium and small businesses and individual, formed an Internet base that enlarges quickly to should use Wu market, caused aggravate of Internet product competition. Domain name, fictitious lead plane, server hire is mandatory the competition of the market grows in intensity, how can just satisfy the requirement that the market grows, the enterprise is in of the market have rate is constant rise, already became place in each big operation business the serious problem before.

The expert expresses, be in China, IDC market is opposite bigger, no matter this is can feel from businessman amount or market size come out, but the competition of IDC is unusually intense however, as the flying development of Chinese Internet industry, traditional industry " the network is allied " impetus is hot, its transition " the strategy " also be constant some thing, but there still is a cut and thrust between channel, accordingly, the service business that has chosen already became the heat that traditional business pays close attention to increasingly, additional, the service business with good choose also is inevitable. Current, home offers main engine mandatory with the IDC of hire service business amounts to hundreds, it may be said is good and evil people mixed up. Because a few service business that do not have actual strength pass dozen of price war to strive for a client, cause the data center prediction of a person's luck in a given year with high cost of foreland, operation a large number of clients. Have some of service business even for gain, use the method such as inferior product in order to reduce cost, because this client service feels to do not have safeguard, the result loses a client again, this one problem is affecting the development of IDC market badly. Below this kind of circumstance, a few have the service chamber of commerce of actual strength to insist to come down truly, and the redound that they hold to to come down, it is to be able to take the market, perhaps have the market again.

All sorts of new technologies ask city ceaselessly with what taste newly, also make traditional product faces development difficult problem. Fictitious lead plane cannot satisfy enterprise and individual to build the demand of the station already, those who replace is in recent years most popular business----The server closes hire. The server adds up to far outclass of the stability that hire and security fictitious lead plane, also become independent relatively than fictitious lead plane on management, without so much limitation; And a bit the most important, also the masses can accept the price. And although VPS is convenient, but quite environment of not familiar however of all kinds lead plane and safety install one part user. So, the server closes hire for in recent years the first selection that enterprise and individual build a station. Average user hire becomes independent lead plane, cannot let independent lead plane develop its property however, used very small one part resource only commonly. And for example 92 add up to the server that hires a net to offer hire business to have independence to exceed pool of resource of large space, independent CPU, independent executive course to wait. The server closes hire ensure all resource are enjoyed alone for the user, to the user top service quality assures, let an user enjoy the service quality of independent lead plane with the price of fictitious lead plane. The development as IT and gain ground quickly, in the construction of the website, use a server to add up to the phenomenon that hire not only already very general, and the favour that still is allowed much user.
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